The holidays can be a time of joy and togetherness, but for many low income families it is the time of year they dread. These families are already making tough decisions, such as paying their rent or purchasing groceries, so holiday gifts are often out of the question. With your help, hundreds of Lifeline families can be supported this holiday season! The toys, clothing, gift cards, and household essentials collected for Lifeline’s families in need, help to give them a little extra help, and a happy holiday season.

Want more details? Please check out the FAQs for all the information on how it works. 

To sign up to be matched with a Lifeline family to adopt click the button below:

We will send you a "Family Wish List" that has the family’s story, sizes for clothing, shoes,
and other basics, as well as “wish items” special for the holidays (such as toys).
The deadline to Adopt-a-Family is December 5th, so don't wait!


Save the Date: Donation Drop-off is November 30 - December 14, 2020! 

This is when gifts are due to our Vista Campus.

2019 Recipients

(Adopt-a-Family recipients and Thank You cards from 2019)



         More Ways to Give:                               

Donate Online to the Adopt-a-Family Program

Thank you for supporting a family in need! Your online donation can be used in two ways:

1.    You can adopt a specific family. To be matched with a Lifeline family to adopt, please first fill out the Adopt-a-Family inquiry form and then return here to make your donation. Our case managers will work with the families to purchase their own gifts. *Most donors spend a minimum of $100 per family member and we work with families of all sizes.
2.    You can make an online donation of any amount to support the Adopt-a-Family program in general. This includes helping families whose sponsors fall through, as well as purchasing Christmas trees, gift wrapping materials, and other supplies that families need during the holidays.


For additional information, please contact (760) 842-6254 or

Other Ways to Give