Behavioral Health

Ask the Experts About
Suicide Prevention

With youth and young adults social distancing due to COVID-19, more and more youth are reporting feelings of isolation and suicidal ideations. Click the link below to view the recording of our interactive suicide prevention and intervention presentation geared towards middle and high school students and parents. The presentation concludes with a Q&A session and options for self-referral and follow-up with the HERE Now staff from North County Lifeline. 


Lifeline’s Behavioral Health programs work with youth and adults who are struggling with mental health issues, emotional trauma, substance abuse, and thoughts of suicide. Individuals who come to Lifeline for help are often diagnosed with anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, oppositional disorder, eating disorders, and autism. Lifeline’s Behavioral Health programs include a School-Based Mental Health Full Service Partnership; the adult substance abuse program, Recovery for Life; and the teen suicide prevention program (HERE Now).