Julia's Story

Julia’s Story

Julia is a client of Lifeline’s mental and behavioral health programs. She is still a teenager, but due to her mother’s unfortunate health issues, Julia is now the sole provider for their little family. Thankfully, Julia is a capable and hard-worker who maintains full-time employment. However, she is taking on a lot of responsibility, and just enrolled in community college so she can improve her career options.

Over the years, Julia has also worked hard to overcome a history of childhood sexual abuse and multiple family disruptions due to Child Welfare Services involvement. She continues to work with Lifeline to receive the mental health support she needs to process her trauma, build coping skills, and make a better life for herself. 

Recently, Julia received support from Lifeline to help with food expenses. This allowed her to stretch her budget to purchase school supplies for her upcoming semester instead of worrying about how to budget for the next week’s meals.
With support from Lifeline and our generous donors, Julia is looking forward to a successful, self-reliant future.