Katie's Story

Katie’s Story 

Katie joined Project LIFE as a mom who had been trafficked. Lifeline first helped with emergency needs and support. Shortly after, Katie moved in to one of Lifeline’s Project LIFE apartments.
Since beginning Project LIFE’s transitional housing program, Katie is excelling in several areas. She is employed full-time and has received a promotion in her position. In addition, Katie earned a bonus for being one of the top three employees in her department at work this past year.
While working full time, Katie also enrolled in online college courses and is now working towards her accounting certification. To gain confidence and skills, she completed the women’s empowerment course through Leaps to Success.
Katie has been fully engaged with Lifeline’s individual support and been in therapy for the duration of her time in transitional housing with Project LIFE. She has developed coping skills, which have helped her manage day to day tasks and feel more resilient throughout her healing journey.
As a single mom, Katie has been successful in single parenting her young son. She won an award through the Soroptimist program, which she plans to put towards starting a college fund.
As she plans to exit Project LIFE housing, Katie has budgeted and will be moving into her own apartment.
We are proud of Katie’s journey on the path to self-reliance! Truly, your support has made this a reality for Katie and many others.

Note: Names have been changed to protect client privacy.