Lola's Story

Lola's Story

An empowering story of a woman overcoming obstacles, finding healing & freedom from domestic violence, and becoming self-reliant.

"I am an immigrant. I obtained my university degree in my country in Economics. In my tourist trips to the USA I met the man with whom I later married in Arizona and that is how my journey begins full of pain, hope, joys, sufferings, sacrifices, efforts, but above all a lot of learning. After three years of dating, we made the decision to get married at the end of 2018 he brought me to live in California. At the beginning of 2019, we began to have problems. I endured abuse in different ways: psychological, economic, sexual and even physical. I did not know what was happening was not normal until I received services from a therapist. For about 5yrs, I endured abuse from the person who I thought loved me and wanted the best for us. In 2020 after he threw me out of our home, as he had done several times before, he gave me an ultimatum. He told me I had to leave our home in June without compassion, income, employment, housing, or family. I was desperate, alone and in the middle of the pandemic. I begged him to let me stay because I had nowhere to go, it was very humiliating. I had no help other than my therapist. She provided me with phone numbers I called them they also gave me more numbers until I got to Lifeline.  My worker at Lifeline helped me find a shelter, where I stayed for five months.  My worker at Lifeline walked me through the transition, as an immigrant, I was unaware of the resources I could reach out to, the options of new paths I could make for myself. Since then Lifeline has been by my side helping me in several ways to address my needs. Lifeline has been the ideal help I needed to continue to move forward. Lifeline helped me with transitioning out of the shelter with rental assistance. At the end of 2020 my divorce was finalized from my abuser. It has been very difficult to find a stable job because of the pandemic but I have been able to survive, solving issues as they come. Another organization is helping me with resolving my immigration status. Now I only wait to be heard and be able to achieve self-sufficiency on my own here in this county.  Contributing being productive, something at times taken for granted, something so simple had been denied to me by my controlling ex-husband.

Being a migrant, all alone and new to the State of California. I found myself, thrown out of my home, by the man who abused for about five years. Desperate and in survival mode I found help from Lifeline. In my sadness and anguish, my caseworker helped me see that I can still get by alone and by my own means. I learned to be patient and to take guidance g from my caseworker. My worker always responded to my calls for help. She was with me in the hardest moments I went through with a professional and compassionate heart.

I participate in the Communities in Action program. I have participated in virtual financial workshops and educational workshops learning topics from personal finances to healthy relationships. I was given information to continue my education to continue to grow. I enrolled in a High School program c. I was able to transfer some of my university credits and I only need to take a couple classes. I am taking a class at community college and a class at the adult school program.  Little by little, I am moving forward. All of this has been thanks to the good work of support and service that Lifeline has provided me.

*Names have been changed to protect client identity