Mural Project Beautifies Crown Heights

Mural Project Beautifies Crown Heights while Telling Stories of the Community

Lifeline launched a meaningful beautification mural project at the Club Crown Heights La Casita Campus in partnership withThe Hill Street Country Club, Oceanside Charitable Foundation, the City of Oceanside, and several commissioned artists.

Three professional and commissioned artists with work featured across Los Angeles, San Diego, and globally, partnered with three of Lifeline's Club Crown Heights (CCH) youth to make a mural project at the Club Crown Heights La Casita campus. One of the commissioned artists, Chloe, partnered with CCH former graduate Paulina M. to create a mural that tells a meaningful story. Paulina shared, "The girl pictured represents women working in the fields, and the woman's teardrop falling down her cheek represents families that have been separated from their kids and loved ones. The farmworkers depicted represent the people in the Oceanside community who are farmworkers and don't get a lot of help, and many people don't know that, and it needs to be acknowledged." These murals seek to be not only a source of beautification on the La Casita campus but a means to tell the stories of the Crown Heights Community in a compelling way for generations to come.

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