Sarah's Story: Project LIFE Client

Project LIFE Client Story

Sarah was referred to Project LIFE after being identified as a victim of sex trafficking during an emergency response call. Sarah reached out due to being left by her trafficker stranded and alone with none of her belongings or identification.

That evening she called 911 and was sent help from the task force. Sarah had just been trafficked from out of state in the last three days to San Diego, CA, and had no idea how she was going to find shelter, food, or transportation back home after being deceived and tricked by her pimp. The team that worked with her created a space of safety and trust for Sarah by bringing her to the police station location, providing food for her,  and presenting the opportunity for her to connect with victim services.

As a result of the relationship built with Sarah in a short number of hours, she was willing to connect with a Project LIFE advocate to secure safe, confidential housing for the night. Over the next day, Sarah worked with her case manager, the HT Taskforce and helpful detectives to find a way to transport her home via plane even though she didn’t have personal identification. Sarah was very grateful for the way law enforcement, the taskforce, and detectives treated her with respect and kindness throughout the whole process. Sarah was very surprised that this team of people who just met her would spend their day and time focused on finding her a way home and helping her report her trafficker.

Since then, Sarah has been relocated back home and living with her family. Sarah has also worked with her Project LIFE case manager to help connect her to local services for victims in her home city. Sarah has been able to develop a connection with a new case manager in her local area that is helping her to acquire secure and safe housing as well as stable employment. Sarah has training and worked previously as a hairstylist and is hoping to find a position at a salon using those skills again. Sarah has been checking in with her Project LIFE case manager once a month and is continuing to heal and engage in services locally at this time. Sarah has often mentioned to her case manager that she has continued to work with the detectives from San Diego, CA and that they have been helpful and working hard to help her press charges on her trafficker.

Sarah has stated during her monthly check-in’s with her case manager that she is so thankful for the team of people who assisted her the night she reached out to 911 and that she doesn’t know if she would have ever been able to find help or a fresh start without their help.

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