Zuniga's Story

Zuniga has been in Lifeline’s TYH, transitional housing program for nearly two years, and has put in a lot of work to learn independent living skills, maintain full-time work as well as make permanent connections in the community. During her time in this program, Zuniga has learned to stay on top of obligations and responsibilities, especially those related to independent living. According to Zuniga, what has been most helpful in the program, has been support from staff, case management meetings, and “tough love” that has helped her to take responsibility and learn ways she can be successful. “The staff has motivated me to keep going on being independent even when I was struggling and dealing with family issues and was not in a good place mentally.”  Before entering the program, and even in the beginning of her time in the program, Zuniga says that she was struggling to hold a full-time job. As of March, she shares she will have been employed full-time with the same company for a year. Additionally, she is learning to budget and is preparing to purchase a car with the money she is saving. “I am thankful for the support and encouragement from LifeSpring and North County Lifeline on my journey to self-sufficiency.”