Apr 14, 2021

Outdoor Outreach

Club Crown Heights YouthAdventures Outdoor Outreach Supports Youth Through Outdoor Recreation Outdoor Outreach provides youth in San Diego County the opportunity to experience outdoor recreation, environmental education, and stewardship activities who otherwise would not be able to. Lifeline took 2 trips last week with 20+ youth. Youth mountain biked in Oceanside through the San Luis Rey River Trail. From the Valley all the way to the Oceanside Harbor. (approx. 10+ miles). "It was great to see our Club Crown Heights (CCH) youth outdoors again and see them challenging themselves after social isolation. We had youth who had never ridden a bike learn and they picked it up right away, which was my highlight of the trip" says Francisco Flores, Club Crown Heights Program Manager. Read the featured article on LifeWell Blog Learn More About Youth Development >

Apr 02, 2021

Check Your Mood

Good mental health starts with you. How are you feeling? Lifeline’s HERE Now (Helping, Engaging, Reconnecting, and Educating Now) Program brings behavioral health services to local schools in response to the urgent need for teen suicide prevention programs in San Diego County. Check Your Mood Week hopes to create a safer place to learn about suicide and bullying prevention for 7th to 12th graders, parents, and school staff around North County. The partnership between Lifeline, San Diego Youth Services, and SBCS reaches 116 schools in 22 districts within San Diego County. Check Your Mood is conducted in partnership with LiveWell San Diego. Take a Mental Health Test Today! Online screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental condition. Mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety are common and treatable. County. In partnership with LiveWell San Diego, visit their website for more information on "Check Your Mood."

Mar 30, 2021

Celebrating César Chávez Day

In honor of César Chávez Day, Lifeline offices will be closed to commemorate this labor movement leader’s work that has such a transformational impact on workers in California. We encourage our community partners to learn more through resources available in our blog post (Link in Bio). Lifeline continues to seek out innovative ways to build self-reliance among youth, adults, and families in our community. Educational Resources TheCésar Chávez Foundation's mission is to carry on Cesar’s life’s work of uplifting the lives of Latinos and working families by inspiring and transforming communities through social enterprises that address essential human, cultural and community needs. California Department of Education offers resources for the public to learn about the life, work and vision of César Chávez. Watch the César Chávez Documentary onAmazon Prime Watch the PBS special on Dolores Huertaa portrait of an activist icon who tirelessly led the fight for racial and labor justice closely with César Chávez.

Mar 25, 2021

2021 Women of Impact Awards

Lifeline's very own Alberta Saavedra(Direct of Youth Development) will be honored this month by State Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath as a 2021 Woman of Impact onFriday, March 26 at 10:00 AM. Her work in the field of Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention and incredible advocacy will be recognized in an award entitled “Impact in Advocacy.” RSVP at this linkhttp://tinyurl.com/ad76-women-of-impact This award through the California State Assembly was created byAssembly memberTashaBoernerHorvath to recognize women in the 76th District who stand out in their communities as innovators, leaders, and advocates.Nominations came from across the district, with individual submissions of women who have made significant impact to their communitiesin the areas of business/entrepreneurship, military service,education, civic engagement, advocacy, activism, health and human services, community service,arts and culture, and young leadership. In Alberta's 20+ year career at Lifeline, she has created and implemented proven domestic violence programming including intervention for both perpetrators and victims as well as expand and advocate for increased youth programing, juvenile delinquency and gang prevention strategies. She is a firm believer in the power of partnership and thankful for the collaborative effort to address domestic violence and the prevention of gang violence in our communities.

Mar 19, 2021

Support AAPI Community

Following this week's tragedy in Atlanta, Lifeline renews our commitment to amplify the voices of our AAPI colleagues, partners, and friends, and pledge to fight with them against hate. We mourn this senseless loss of life. We encourage you to tune in tonight, at 7:00 pm for a podcast and livestream featuring Oceanside Promise Board of Directors Member, World-renowned Artist and Filmmaker, Sociologist and Community Activist Dr. Thao Ha and other luminaries as they present Stop the Hate: Uplifting the Voice of our AAPI Community - Hosted by Mark Henry. Call in at 1-442-295-6095 Join Facebook Live HERE

Mar 12, 2021

Mental Health & Our Youth Podcast

Lifeline expert,Lalaine (Lala) Oliveria, LMFT, is featured on The ClassicalAcademies Podcastand shares insight and tips for parents when addressing their youth's mental health. Lalaine (Lala) Oliveria has been in the mental health field for over 15 years, with the last 5 years focused on suicide prevention. Now, more than ever, we are experiencing increased stress, grief, anxiety, and isolation. Lalaine (Lala) Oliveria is a licensed marriage and family therapist with North County Lifeline. She explains how shifts in normal behavior, such as withdrawal, irritability, anger, and mood changes, can be signs of depression or even precursors to suicidal ideation. Lala shares when to be concerned, how to have tough conversations, and provides recommendations such as listening to understand and validate feelings. Being a youth during this time is tough, an increase in stress, grief, trauma, isolation, and bullying through social media is prevalent. Lala explains thatparents can help their youth who may be struggling with mental health in the following ways: Start the conversation. Show you sincerely care. Listencarefully (listening to understand not to respond). Providea safe space. Being genuine. Do not being afraid to ask tough questions. Talk openly about suicide and depression. Focus yourconcern on the youth'swell-being. Usebody language to show you are present. Validate the youth'sfeelings (active listening) Ex: “I can see how that can make you feel that way.” Key warning signs for parents to be aware of in their youth may include: Changed relationships Increased irritability Withdrawl or display of sadness Themes of death or suicide in writing, social media posts, or music Lack of interest in things that they once enjoyed Loss of motivation or enthusiasm Be aware of what is normal vs. not normal for your youth. Take note of major changes in mood or behavior becausedepression is unique to the individual. Urgent warning signs may include: The youth directly expresses taking their life with an actionable plan. The youth expressing things like: "I want to sleep forever and never wake up." Giving away their possessions If a parent notices any of the urgent warning signs, do not leave your youth alone.Call 911 or PERTH, or Access or Crisis line (below). Potential triggers for youth that parents can avoid may include: Be mindful, acknowledge family history (Ex: has anyone in their family struggled with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation before?) Consider the youth’s history (Ex: have there been any recent diagnosis, instances of bullying, substance abuse, increased sense of hopelessness, etc.) LGBTQIA+ youth are 4x more at risk for suicide attempts. Ask intentional questions that are strengths-based What thoughts are you having? How often do you have these thoughts? How do you cope when you have those thoughts? How can parents take action when they are concerned about their youth? Never leave them alone. Schedule an assessment for the youthright away by their health care physician or PERTH. Explore treatment options and follow-up. For those who are uninsured, try to get connected to long-term services (there is a waitlist for some youth). Help reduce the stigma against therapy including cultural stigmas to mental health and therapy. While caring foryouth, how can adults take care of themselves? Self-care is non-negotiable Self-care is responses and actions we do for ourselves. Create daily healthy coping skills (deep breaths, meditating). Implement mindfulness and grounding techniques. Focus on yourstrengths & what nourishes you. Are you concerned about your mental health or your youth's mental health? Call the Access and Crisis Line at 1-888-724-7240 (free and available 24 hours a day) or visit nclifeline.org/here-now-teen-suicide-prevention

Mar 11, 2021

Donation Needed: Counseling Kits

Want to Help Meet an Immediate Need for Lifeline Clients? North County Lifeline’s child mental health program provides counseling to over 300 school-age children and their families annually living in Vista and Oceanside.Lifeline has an urgent need to provide counseling kits for families enrolled in our mental health services. YOU CAN HELP! Lifeline is soliciting donations to provide “Counseling Kits” for families enrolled in our mental health services. We have two packages available for donors who are interested in helping. 1) Contribute Individual Items (See List Below) Mail or Drop off at Vista Office: 200 Michigan Ave. Vista, CA 92084 Please include your name and address in the mailing. 2) Make a Cash Donation Online COUNSELING NEEDS Lifeline’s counseling services – both virtual and in-person – are in higher demand since the pandemic. Our child counseling sessions rely on supplies such as markers, sketchbooks, and playdoh, as well as games that promote quality family time for our clients and families. A significant challenge emerges when we don’t have the supplies needed for child and family therapy, which is where we need your help! BELOW IS A FULL LIST OF ITEMS NEEDED If you would like to make a cash donation for Lifeline staff to purchase these items on your behalf: CLICKHERE Colored pencils Uno card game Journals Sketchbook Glue sticks (bulk pack of 30) Play-doh (bulk set of 48 cans) Paints Paintbrushes Construction paper Game - Sorry Game -Connect 4 Game - Battleship Game -Guess Who Game -Hedbanz Stress balls (bulk set of 12) Fidget toys (set of 4) Markers Crayons Index cards

Mar 10, 2021

85% of Club Crown Heights Youth Improve Academic Performance Through STEM Education

85% of Club Crown Heights Youth Improve Academic Performance Through STEM Education Club Crown Heights (CCH) familieshave beendisproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and through the addition of STEM education, kids have improved academic performance and are on the path to high school graduation. Our longstanding partnership with Genentech made this important program possible. The CCH program continues to provide STEM education labs and field trips while safely following COVID-19 restrictions and to date has hosted5 STEM field trips and 41 STEM labs for more than 76 students. The STEM labs focus on topics ranging from chemistry to engineering, and 100% of students demonstrated comprehension of STEM subjects after labs.

Mar 05, 2021

RESPECT Program's NEW San Marcos Office Helps Furthers Youth Services

RESPECT Program's NEW San Marcos Office Helps Further Youth Services RESPECT program’s new San Marcos center in partnership with San Diego County Sheriff’s Department provides mentorship and personal development for 45 kids through a three-month program each year in North County. RESPECT stands for responsibility, ethics, service, perseverance, education, courage, and trustworthiness. Our very own Lifeline Family Case Worker, Lizbeth Lopez, shares her experience and excitement over the new facility, "Partnering with the RESPECT Project and working alongside Deputy Baker and Nelson has been very rewarding. Being able to fulfill the need of the youth and families is the reward. As the Family Case Worker at RP building, I’m able to provide and connect the youth and there families with resources in the community to help achieve their goals some of the resources include Food, Rental Assistance, Medical and more. Not only do the youth go through the program but the family as well providing weekly Parent Support groups and providing workshops about trending topics in the community. Now that RP has their own building we will be able to host family outings such as movie night, game night, and more. It has been a pleasure and rewarding being able to partner up with the RESPECT Project team to help families in the City of San Marcos and surrounding city’s." Read a full report on San Diego Union-Tribune website HERE.

Feb 19, 2021

Lifeline Offers FREE Tax Preparation

Lifeline Offers FREE Tax Preparation for Community Members North County Lifeline is a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Tax Preparation site. We offer free tax preparation for many families making less than $57,000 in 2020. Click HERE to download the flyer! WHEN: Available Until 3/30/2021 Tuesday 9:00am-2:00pm Thursday 3:00pm-7:00pm Saturday 9:00am–2:00pm *By Appointment Only* WHERE:Online Location: Zoom WHO:Lifeline Clients and Residents of Carlsbad, Oceanside, Pendleton, San Dieguito, & Vista Contact a Lifeline Case Manager to schedule an appointment Call: 760-509-3430 orEmail: Taxes@nclifeline.org