Jun 08, 2020

Lifeline Stands With the Black Community - A Letter From Don Stump

Dear Lifeliners, My heart has been troubled over the last week, and I have been struggling with what to say and who to say it to.With the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, we are again faced with the institutional racism and bias that has persisted in our country for decades.We are at a tipping point. Those of you who know me well, know I am a do-er. In my 30 years working in social services in community based organizations, I have served and been part of making changes in the system locally in which you now work, as supporters and advocates for children, youth, and families impacted by institutional racism and disproportionality. Thinking about this has also made me reflect on and remember the fact that our Lifeline team is already doing a lot—and has been for more than 45 years. Our juvenile diversion, Community Assessment Team, and Alternatives to Detention programs represent 20 years of community based advocacy to develop services in community, closest to where the youth and families live, to intervene on risks that might disproportionately place young men and women of color in the criminal justice system. And we have been successful. Over the last 10 years the County has closed two juvenile lock-up facilities and its Juvenile Hall only operates at one-third its capacity. This is good. This is you and your work. We have made things better—but it is not enough. There is still disproportionality. The Community Services for Families program where we partner with Child Welfare Services was designed by a community team 20 years ago, also to address children of color being disproportionally removed from their homes in this County. This, as part of an array of interventions, has worked well over 15 years, resulting in less than a third of families being separated through “out of home placement”than were in the mid-90s. And we continue to advocate for the resources to serve more prevention and community referred families in that program to have a bigger impact. This is good and I honor and support the work that you all do to create this outcome for families. But again, as we all know, it is not enough. So we need to do more. I am reaching out to leaders in the community, elected officials, partner organizations, and to you to figure out how we can do even more. I know you are feeling exhausted in this COVID-19 world and are now having complex feelings about what is happening to our family, friends, and clients in the community. Lean on each other for support and let’s all be patient with each other and our clients as we continue to feel our feelings and process the events we witness.We are listening. And both your program leaders and the Cultural Competence Committee are open and listening and looking for ways that we can do more to help our community as Lifeliners. I welcome your thoughts and ideas. Be well and be safe. Don

May 14, 2020

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

North County Lifeline’sBehavioral Health programswork with youth and adults who are struggling with mental health issues, emotional trauma, substance abuse, and thoughts of suicide. Individuals who come to Lifeline for help are often diagnosed with anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, oppositional disorder, eating disorders, and autism. Lifeline’s Behavioral Health programs include aSchool-Based Mental Health Full Service Partnership; the adult substance abuse program,Recovery for Life; and the teen suicide prevention programHERE Now(Helping, Engaging, Reconnecting, and Educating Now). Nearly 450 million people worldwide are currently living with a mental illness, yet almosttwo thirds of people with a known mental illness never seek treatment. Like cancer and diabetes, mental health is a disease that can be treated, and shouldn't be ignored. One way to help break the cycle of stigma and negativity surrounding mental health illnesses is to talk about it openly, and encourage others to do so as well.#breakthestigma During the month of May you can join us in our ongoing work in the mental health movement by taking ourMatching Maygiving challenge!

May 11, 2020

LifeSpring Volunteer Spotlight

In honor of National Foster Care Month, we are highlighting a volunteer at The House Drop-in Center, which serves former foster youth and youth and young adults experiencing homelessness through our partnership with Just in Time. Allie shares that "the most rewarding part of volunteering is the people that I’ve gotten to meet. The staff and participants are all such wonderful people and I’ve learned a ton about all the work that goes on, especially behind the scenes." "Allie was constantly having positive interactions with youth and their children and was a warm face for those first entering into the space. She went above and beyond to assist in daily functionality within the Drop-in Center.”- Katie Ramos, LifeSpring Program Coordinator Thank you for your dedication to the community, Allie! To join Allie in her support of the youth and young adults in the LifeSpring program, you can take our Matching May Challenge.Donations made in May will be matched dollar for dollar by the David C. Copley Foundation to support homeless and foster youth and young adults.

Apr 28, 2020

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Our staff at Club Crown Heights used some of theLifeline Emergency Fundto surprise the youth from the program with a special Easter treat. Continuing Our Mission Through COVID-19 Over the past several weeks, North County Lifeline has continually adapted and adjusted as an organization with one goal in mind: self-reliance for those who need help now more than ever. We remain committed to meeting the growing challenges faced by our staff and clients as a result of COVID-19. Early on it was apparent to us that our services were essential for the community. With government regulations tightening to prohibit the spread of the virus, we needed to move quickly to ensure that those services would continue. From that need theLifeline Emergency Fundwas born.Each day since we have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity of organizations, companies, and individuals who have responded to our call with an outpouring of support. Our Executive Director, Don Stump summed it up perfectly when he stated that "North County Lifeline is a home for individuals and families on their road to self-reliance." During this time of distress we have been able to aid our clients with rental assistance, groceries, telehealth services, and other basic needs items. Thank you to each person and organization who has donated, includingCoastal Community Foundation,Rancho Santa Fe Foundation,Leichtag Foundation,BBVA,Nordson Corporation Foundation,Oceanside Rotary,andThe San Diego Foundation. We've even seen our staff members rise to the challenges of COVID-19 and continue to provide high-level services in unique and creative ways. Our hearts are full. On the behalf of our clients, we'd like to thank you all! Easter at Club Crown Heig

Mar 27, 2020

Can You Spare a Minute?

The Financial Impact of COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has many San Diego nonprofits wondering what the next few weeks will hold in terms of services, payroll, and operations. North County Lifeline, along with our community partners, continues to put our clients first, but our emergency measures do come with added costs, and cannot be sustained long term without additional funding. There are ways each of our Lifeline supporters can help us in this time of crisis. One such way you can help is by reaching out to members of Congress to request that additional funding be granted for nonprofit agencies like ours. It is a simple process that takes only minutes, but can have a significant impact on those we serve. Please follow the steps below to make a difference TODAY! Visit:https://independentsector.org/resource/action-center/ Look for Emergency Aide for Nonprofit Organizations Amidst COVID-19. Click on "Write" and fill in your information. Another way you can help is by donating to the Lifeline Emergency Fund. We established this fund to help cover the costs of our most vulnerable clients’ immediate needs during this trying time. Many of them have been heavily impacted by the ever changing landscape we’re seeing, but we are committed to help provide for those needs. We have also adjusted quickly to accommodate for most of our staff working remotely, with our clinicians providing telehealth sessions with their clients wherever possible. All of this comes at a cost to us, and unfortunately those costs aren’t covered by most of our government grants and contracts. Please help us by sharing this with your friends and circle. Click here to donate to the Lifeline Emergency Fund Today!

Mar 19, 2020

Lifeline Emergency Fund

As our name implies, North County Lifeline has been an aid for people in San Diego for close to 50 years. Now more than ever, our clients look to us to provide a refuge from the storm, and with your help we can continue to to be that lifeline they need as they work towards self-sufficiency. Each dollar donated to the Lifeline Emergency Fund will be put to immediately use for daily essentials like diapers, formula, non perishable food, prepaid cell phones, bus passes, and laundry costs. Please click hereto donate today!

Nov 05, 2019

Adopt-A-Family Today!


Jul 25, 2019

The Hidden Gem of North County Lifeline

VOLUNTEER PROGRAM Each year North County Lifeline receives invaluable assistance for program needs from over 300 volunteers and interns. With 5 service areas, and close to 40 programs, have you ever wondered how North County Lifeline is able to continue providing for the needs of our community with such a high level of care? We'll let you in on a little secret...its our volunteers! From AmeriCorp VIP Fellows to Adopt-A-Family gift wrappers, we are indebted to our volunteers for the service they provide, and their continuous commitment to our mission. Our volunteers come to us from various backgrounds, education levels, and with varying amounts of time to invest, but each one of them leaves an indelible mark on the fabric of our agency that cannot be erased. They put the LIFE in Lifeline! If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities please visit our website, or contact our volunteer manager at volunteer@nclifeline.org. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS! With your help we've been able to accomplish so much! Your hours of service have contributed to the success of our programs, and we appreciate your help with: Admin Assistance Tutoring Community Events Adopt-A-Family Teens Leading North County Childcare Food Donation Pick-ups Gardening Site Clean-up/Renovations Backpack Drive The VITA Program Internships Lifeline Events Donations...and so much more!

Jul 18, 2019

Back to School

Help us send North County Lifeline youth BACK TO SCHOOL without the stress As the summer months pass by, families across the nation begin to prepare for the upcoming school year. New teachers, classroom friends, and new opportunities for academic and extracurricular success all add to the excitement. For some families the new school year brings anxiety and stress over the looming costs associated with sending a child back to school. According to the National Retail Federation, the average U.S household spent $684.79 per child on back to school essentials in 2018. That number is expected to increase for 2019! For many families the choice may be between paying their rent or purchasing school supplies...and for some families the choice could be between purchasing food and basic needs items or purchasing school supplies. For many students from low-income families, having all of the necessary supplies at the beginning of the school year helps to remove barriers to learning. We are committed to helping the youth in all of our community-based programs start the year off right. Please join us by donating new backpacks and school essentials, or by hosting your own backpack and school supply drive, now through August 2nd. Every donation and hour served makes a tremendous difference! GIVE THE GIFT OF LEARNING! Click on the photo above to donate. We are in need of the following school essentials: Backpacks Binders Folders Notebooks Calculators Pencil Cases Art & Coloring Supplies Pens, Pencils, & More... You can also volunteer to help pack and distribute school supplies, or to host a backpack drive at your place of business or worship (we'll provide you with all of the supplies needed for a successful drive!) Contact our Volunteer Manager for moreinformation: volunteer@nclifeline.org.

Jun 21, 2019

Congratulations Class of 2019!

CLUB CROWN HEIGHTS GRADS... LOOK AT THEM NOW! Our after school program, in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Oceanside, is bursting with pride! As schools wrap up all of their end of the year festivities, we're reflecting on all of the milestones our youth and young adults who have gone through the Club Crown Heights program are reaching. We wish all of them the best of luck in their academic careers and hope they come back to visit often! “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! From the tutoring program to Mira Costa grads, our CCH alumni continue to reach for the stars! This year Club Crown Heights had 5 fifth grade students promote from the after school tutoring program at La Casita, 14 high school graduates, and 4 alumni graduate from Mira Costa College, all of whom will be transferring to four-year universities in the Cal State system this fall. One of our CCH high school grads was awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship, which is based on academic achievement, perceived ability to succeed in college, and the ability to overcome challenges. He will be attending University of California San Diego in the fall. We continue to be inspired by the resilience of these youth and young adults. We wish them luck on their next adventures and throughout their journeys in life. Thanks to each of them for leading by example, and for paving the way for other Crown Heights youth to succeed!