Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention

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Domestic Violence Prevention

With families isolating at home with limited connections to supports in the community, the number of reported domestic violence occurrences is on the rise. Click the link below to view the recording of our interactive domestic violence prevention and educational presentation focusing on improving parenting skills and coping with stressors in the home. The presentation concludes with a Q&A session and additional resources from the CSF (Community Services for Families) staff at North County Lifeline. 

Though it is hard to acknowledge, violence happens in families every day. Unacknowledged—and unaddressed—the cycle of violence will continue.

4 out of every 10 children who have experienced abuse and neglect came from a home with domestic violence. (Health and Human Services).

To break the cycle of violence, Lifeline helps both the victim and the offender. Families can find a better way to manage anger and violent behavior, learn more effective parenting and improve relationship skills through intensive services. When it is best for all, the goal is for families to reunify. Last year, North County Lifeline served 700 children through therapeutic home visits, parenting class sessions, and group interventions.

More than 97% of the men who participate in our Lifeline’s 52-week Domestic Violence Offenders group remain free from further arrests. Hundreds of children reunify with their families in our child abuse intervention services.