• Richard Domagalski

    Wells Fargo, Senior Vice President
    When you meet Richard you will quickly notice his positive energy so it shouldn’t surprise you that he likes to speak to motivate, energize, and inspire people.  Richard has served as a volunteer for our Board of Directors since 2015. Additional he is on our Executive Committee as Treasurer and is the Chair of the Finance Committee which fits well with his 40 years of banking experience.
    Richard joined our board because he wanted to make a difference at the community level on a daily basis; to change the lives and life cycles people live in. He has a particular passion for our Crown Heights and LifeSpring programs and is a strong advocate for their stability and the populations they help. 
    On a more personal level, Richard is a very passionate sports enthusiast including baseball, football, and basketball at both the professional and college levels. In fact, his brother is a writer for ESPN magazine.  He also truly enjoys traveling with his wife Sandra, daughter Stasia and son-in-law Ricky. 

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