Upcoming Lifeline Events

2021 Lifeline Awards
Join us for the 2021 Lifeline Awards Event celebrating how Lifeline & Community Partners have helped youth, adults, and families change their own stories through building self-reliance. The event will take place on September 1, from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM. The event will be available both virtually on Zoom and in person at the Vista Campus (200 Michigan Ave) featuring emcee Mark Mullen from NBC7 and Lifeline's Executive Director, Don Stump.

10:30 AM | VIP In-Person Breakfast &
11:30 AM | Live Show at Vista Campus (200 Michigan Ave.)

Thank you to our Lifeline Awards Title Sponsor: Kaiser Permanente. 

Ask the Experts: HERE Now Virtual Parent Workshops 

Are you a parent in need of additional resources for your children heading into summer? Hear from Lifeline's HERE Now teen suicide prevention program experts and engage in Q&A sessions. Over 32 virtual visits in English and Spanish are available coving the following topics: Self-Harm & Our Youth, Suicide Ideation & Our Youth, Conversations Around Safety, Coping Skills, Strengths & the Dimensions of Wellness.

Register for Session 1 (Dates from June 23 - July 14) or Session 2 (Dates from July 28 - August 18).


Meet the Experts Series

Hosted by Executive Director, Don Stump, Lifeline is inviting small groups of program supporters to meet our program experts virtually and get an insider's view of the 24/7 services provided to clients on their path to self-reliance. The series covers Human Trafficking and Youth Development. For more info, or to RSVP contact Megan Callen.

Meet the Experts: Youth Development TBD
Our goal is to walk through Youth Development services and illustrate the journey that youth and families experience through Lifeline's services on their path to self-reliance. Grab your coffee and join us to Meet the Experts!


Previous Lifeline Events

Meet the Experts: Human Trafficking Prevention & Intervention 6/16

Our goal is to walk through Project LIFE’s services and illustrate the journey that victims experience through Project LIFE services – short term to long term – on their path to self-reliance.

2020 Volunteer Appreciation Celebration

2020 Lifeline Awards

Under Construction: Building Communities Since 1973

The 2020 Lifeline Awards is an event to honor organizations and individuals from the local community, who work in partnership with North County Lifeline, to make extraordinary contributions to improve the lives of the youth and families we serve. The past 6 months have been challenging for all of us, but our volunteers, interns, and community partners have rallied around us to ensure that North County Lifeline's services are unaffected. On September 17th, we had a virtual event to celebrate our incredible honorees. Click here to view the recording of this memorable event!
Ask the Experts Series
This free online series, lead by industry experts from North County Lifeline and community partners throughout San Diego County, tackles subject matters pertinent to living in our COVID-19 world. The series covers Human Trafficking, Gang Prevention, Suicide Prevention & Intervention, and Domestic Violence Prevention.

Click on each image to view the recording of these webinars



Click here to Watch Human Trafficking Video
Due to COVID-19 our nation's youth have seen an incredible increase in overall screen time. Click here to view the recording of our interactive online presentation and Q&A session presented by Project LIFE at North County Lifeline. Learn the dangers of human trafficking and how to keep youth safe from online predators. 

Many families are struggling financially, and youth are vulnerable and seeking connection during the COVID-19 crisis. Gang activity may be enticing for youth who are social distancing at home. Click here to view the recording of our interactive gang prevention presentation and Q&A with Youth Development staff from North County Lifeline, focusing on keeping youth safe, free from gang association, addiction and crime, and out of the juvenile justice system.

With youth and young adults social distancing due to COVID-19, more and more youth are reporting feelings of isolation and suicidal ideations. Click here to view the recording of our interactive suicide prevention and intervention presentation geared towards middle and high school students and parents. The presentation concludes with a Q&A session and options for self-referral and follow-up with the HERE Now staff from North County Lifeline.


With families isolating at home with limited connections to supports in the community, the number of reported domestic violence occurrences is on the rise. Click here to view the recording of our interactive domestic violence prevention and educational presentation focusing on improving parenting skills and coping with stressors in the home. The presentation concludes with a Q&A session and additional resources from the CSF (Community Services for Families) staff at North County Lifeline.