Can You Spare a Minute?

The Financial Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has many San Diego nonprofits wondering what the next few weeks will hold in terms of services, payroll, and operations. North County Lifeline, along with our community partners, continues to put our clients first, but our emergency measures do come with added costs, and cannot be sustained long term without additional funding. 

There are ways each of our Lifeline supporters can help us in this time of crisis. One such way you can help is by reaching out to members of Congress to request that additional funding be granted for nonprofit agencies like ours. It is a simple process that takes only minutes, but can have a significant impact on those we serve.  

Please follow the steps below to make a difference TODAY!

  1. Visit:
  2. Look for Emergency Aide for Nonprofit Organizations Amidst COVID-19. 
  3. Click on "Write" and fill in your information.
Another way you can help is by donating to the Lifeline Emergency Fund. We established this fund to help cover the costs of our most vulnerable clients’ immediate needs during this trying time. Many of them have been heavily impacted by the ever changing landscape we’re seeing, but we are committed to help provide for those needs. We have also adjusted quickly to accommodate for most of our staff working remotely, with our clinicians providing telehealth sessions with their clients wherever possible. All of this comes at a cost to us, and unfortunately those costs aren’t covered by most of our government grants and contracts. Please help us by sharing this with your friends and circle. Click here to donate to the Lifeline Emergency Fund Today!