PLEASE NOTE: We are putting a hold on current volunteer needs and recruitment efforts in light of the outbreak of COVID-19. We apologize for this inconvenience.

To us, VOLUNTEERS are mentors, role models, problem solvers, tutors, arts and crafters, dodgeball players, office assistants extraordinaire, counselors and therapists, fundraisers, organizers, translators, mediators, attorneys, board members, ideas people, techies, handy men and women, and anyone interested in helping.

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity to fulfill a court-ordered community service requirement? Email us to learn more about our current volunteer opportunities for you.

Steps To Volunteer

  • 1Submit Application, Resume, & References

  • 2Attend in person interview

  • 3Pass clearances including: LiveScan Background Check, TB test, & Drug screen *Lifeline covers costs

  • 4Attend Orientation

  • 5Start Volunteering!